Mary La Rocque



An integral part of the team, Mary contributes her hard work and passion to everything she does. Her ability to take initiative makes her a formidable asset to the company. She brings a unique understanding of both the finance and the human side of acquisition process.

As part of the Social Entrepreneurship Corps in Ecuador, Mary developed a micro venturing program for local artisans and small business owners. She has worked with the organization, Fundacion Sagrada Familia, a microcredit organization. Through this work, she built on her finance skills and her ability to communicate with clients despite language and other communication barriers.

Mary's ability to develop strong working relations with business owners makes her analyses highly relevant. As a natural leader and problem solver, she has quickly become a crucial member of the Light Beam Capital Team.

Mary's bachelor's degree from New York University is in International Relations and Economics, along with a minor in Spanish; her personal passions have led her to become a veritable expert in Latin American economics and politics.