Who We Are

  Investment professionals with a very successful and long track record in acquiring and building middle market companies.

  Mix of investors and operators, who have brought top-tier excellence into the middle market.

  We are unique in that the fund's investors are very involved in day to day operations, allowing the decisions to benefit from a broad group of operators and professional investors.

Operating Team

Charbel Zreik
Managing Principal

Brent Zettel
Vice President

Daniel Deng

Calvin Cupino

Mary La Rocque

Ian Greenwald
Clinical and Healthcare Advisor

Institutional Investors

The Cambria Group
• Lew Davies
• Chris Sekula
• René Lajous

HV Capital Investors
• Glenn Healey

Anacapa Partners
• Jeff Stevens

Peterson Partners
• Joel Peterson
• Dan Peterson
• Brandon Cope

Sverica International
• Alessandro Mina

Search Fund Partners
• Dave Carver
• Rich Kelley
• Jim Edmunds

Ohana Capital
• Tim Ludwig

Kinderhook Capital Management
• Tushar Shah